Federal Government of Nigeria Suspends Twitter Usage in the Country

Federal Government of Nigeria recently placed suspension on Twitter Usage in the Country following a said twitter policy violation by the Nigerian president which resulted to his tweet been removed.

This whole twitter saga started Following a recent twitter post made by the President of Nigeria via his official twitter handle of which twitter deemed fit to removed the tweet because it violated their Policy. The tweet made by Nigerian president is attached below.

The Twit made by Nigeria president that was removed

In retaliation, the Federal Government of Nigeria Suspends Twitter Usage in the country Nigeria. The ban is made possible through Internet Service Provider (ISP) by blacklisting Twitter IP address in their Servers. 

There have been a high demand for VPN in the country and also trends on social media on how to use twitter despite the ban by the country citizens who love to still use Twitter despite the banned by the Government.

Its worthy to note that the said Twitter suspension by the Federal Government of Nigeria was also announced via Twitter handle @FMICNigeria Fed Min of Info & Cu. See screenshot below.

So if you are experiencing challenges using twitter in Nigeria, Now you know the reason.
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