Top Dangers or Disadvantages of Using a Free Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Following Twitter Suspension by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Citizens are looking for other means to access the social media platform called Twitter.

The Federal Government of Nigeria on Friday (4/6/2021) announced a policy to temporarily block the popular microblogging site ‘Twitter’ from being accessed in the country. However, this seems to have no effect, because many internet users have actually outsmarted it by using a VPN that can be downloaded for free on Google and iOS app stores respectively.

Free VPN is free to use by its users without being charged any fees. Free VPNs are found in many VPN applications for mobile phones.

There are still many who use Free VPN services, which of course has many dangers and negative impacts.

Top Dangers or Disadvantages of Using a Free Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Data Sales

There is a danger waiting for you when using certain VPNs, some of these VPN comes with the risk of illegally selling data. For those using paid VPNs, you don’t need to worry about this data sale problem because paid VPN providers generally have strict rules and guarantees but for free VPN users, that doesn’t apply.

Tracking Your Activities

Free VPNs can record and track all content, IP addresses, the sites you visit and other activities. Apart from those privacy security concerns, free VPNs usually have slow browsing speeds, unstable connections, data usage limits, and weak encryption.

Data and IP Address Leaks

Another danger that can also arise from using a VPN is the leaking of your data and IP to the public. VPN works like a tunnel where your connection goes through a ‘secret’ path to get to your destination which is the internet.

However, in some free VPN service providers, the secret path used has many ‘holes’ so there is a possibility that your data and IP address could be leaked to the public through the ‘holes’.


Most free VPN service providers rely on revenue from advertisements placed by third parties on their websites. Well, the ads that are displayed can interfere with user experience and don’t close

It is possible that the ad has been infiltrated by malware or other applications that will be automatically installed on your computer or to your device.
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