LG’s Rollable OLED TV Sold for $100,000 in the United States

Several years ago, LG showed off the concept of the world’s first rollable TV at the CES event. The TV can roll up the screen when not in use. This is why this TV managed to attract the attention of many people.

And after making improvements for a long time, LG has confirmed that the TV can now be ordered in the United States for US $100,000 or equivalent to ₦41.1m in Nigeria.

With a price of more than ₦40m, buyers can get a 65-inch roll OLED TV with a resolution of 65 inches that can be placed in various places with a cabinet that also functions as a speaker.

It turns out that the price of the rollable TV made by LG which is sold in the United States is more expensive than the price in the company’s hometown, which is South Korea.

Based on information from Ubergizmo, it is stated that the price of this roll TV made by LG in South Korea is around US $90,000 (equivalent to ₦37m in Nigeria). It’s still expensive, but at least cheaper than in the US.

This TV is not presented for people who only use it to watch movies. LG presents this rollable TV for people who want to have a TV with the most modern technology because currently, not many TV manufacturers can make a TV like this.

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