Google Recently Banned Three Malicious Android Apps from Play Store

Google has banned three malicious apps from Google Play Store in order to protect the users who download such apps. These apps are photo editing apps, and in these days, most of them use such apps to make their pictures look beautiful.

These malicious apps were using tricks to fool the users by asking for their personal information and steal money. It asks the users to log in via Facebook and enter the details.
Three Photo Editing Apps Removed from Google Play Store

A security researcher firm Kaspersky spotted the three apps that are now banned from Google Play Store.

There are many web services and apps that use the “Login with Facebook” button to authenticate users and allow them to access the service without creating a username and password. Most of the popular services like Spotify and Tinder also use the same thing.

As genuine apps use the “Login with Facebook” button, most of the malicious apps makes fool and trick the users with the same and steal the personal information.
List of the Apps Banned from Google Play Store

At present, Google has removed three photo editing apps:
  1. “Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor”
  2. “Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor”
  3. “Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021“
According to the security expert at cybersecurity firm, all these three apps had more than 500,000 downloads before it was removed.

Bleeping Computer was the first to report the incident and is advising users to be careful while downloading any photo editor apps that are newly added to the store.

If you have already downloaded any of the above-given apps, then delete them right now to keep your credentials safe.

The principal security strategist, Tim Mackey, said

“Users should take care to review the scope of any token granted when they signup for an app using a centralized login service to ensure that it doesn’t grant unnecessary access.

Earlier this month, the search giant has banned 150 apps from Play Store. Also, it has block more apps that were using tricks to get access to the user’s private and personal data.

Beware of such apps; make sure you check the reviews and ratings before downloading any such apps. Even after downloading, you feel something fishy, do not go ahead; immediately delete the app.
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