You Can Now “Soft Block” an Annoying Follower on Twitter

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets you soft block an annoying follower. What this means is that Twitter has added a button to remove a follower from your account with ease.

A soft block is different from a block because it allows a user to still see your tweets and direct message you, but they won’t see your tweets on your feed. That said, when you remove a follower, they can follow you again if they want.

So far, it appears that the feature isn’t available on mobile, though I imagine that it will roll out in the future. This feature is great for creating space between you and another person, especially if you don’t want to block them completely.

How to Activate Soft Blocking Feature on Twitter Web

To soft block a follower, head to your profile, click followers, click the three-dot menu next to a follower, and then click the option “Remove this follower.” (You can see what that option looks like in an image from Twitter at the top of this post.) A follower you remove won’t be notified of the change.

The ability to remove a follower is Twitter’s latest feature to give users more control over their experience on the platform to help curb abuse and harassment.

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