WhatsApp Secretive Community Feature, and Pause Voice Note coming Soon

Different features have been hitting the popular chat messenger and more features are still coming… In a recent report, shows that whatsApp is currently working on a secretive community feature.

Community Feature

The feature is detailed in several new strings that suggest it could be a new social element within WhatsApp’s larger chat framework. However, there’s no concrete evidence of what the feature is or how it’ll function within WhatsApp.

One string suggests that communities will use an invite link system that would allow others to join. 

Users can also share these invites in QR code form.

Another supports this, reading, “Anyone with WhatsApp can follow this link to join this community. Only share it with people you trust.” This suggests that any WhatsApp users with this invite could become “participants” in a community.

Like groups, communities will have administrators, too. These users will have several settings at their disposal, too. Per the strings, they can “allow messages that have been forwarded many times, in the community” they can change a community’s description, or ensure that only admins can message in a community.

Alternatively, admins can give participants control to change community descriptions and more.

Note that this is just a speculation based on the strings discovered from the teardown of beta version

Pause Voice Note

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to pause a voice note and resume recording later

WABetaInfo provided a preview of the feature that includes a video demonstration of its functionality.

It shows the user starting to record a voice note while a stop button is shown at the bottom center of the screen.

The user then presses the button, and the recording is paused, with the stop button now converted into a record button.

Pressing the button again lets the user continue with the recording.

The feature could be helpful if you are interrupted while trying to record a voice note, or you quickly have to pay attention to something else but don’t want to start recording the voice note all over again.

This feature is still under development, and expected to roll out first to WhatsApp beta version on Android and iOS in future.
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