How to Bypass FRP Lock - List of Best FRP Bypass Tools (Bypass Google Verification 2021)

Factory Reset Protection or FRP is a security protocol introduced by Google to help keep your Android device safe once it gets stolen or you suddenly lost it. This protection will place a verification on any Android device that undergoes Factory Reset.

But sometimes you can factory reset your Android device due to one or two reasons, and when it comes up, you might be asked to input your email and password or an account like Samsung Account, Mi Account depending on the type of device you use.

Well, I’ve been a victim of FRP when I was still using Redmi Note 5A Prime, and it took me a while to bypass the protection because I couldn’t remember the details of my Mi account, but after a while, I was able to bypass it thanks to some FRP Bypass Tools I saw online.

List of the Best FRP Bypass Tools (Bypass Google Verification)

These tools work only on Windows PC, and they work for different kinds of Android devices and sometimes they work based on Android OS. But I’ll be giving complete details about each tool, so you can be able to know which one to download and use.

1. D&G Password Unlocker

D&G Password Unlocker is a great FRP Bypass Tool and it’s one of the best because it is very easy to use, this tool works on selected devices though but one good thing about it is that it works for different brands of Android devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Motorola and so on.

Even without any knowledge on using FRP Bypass Tools, you can easily use this software, you just need to make sure you’ve downloaded and install it on your PC, make sure you have connected the Android device you want to unlock and it’ll show options to unlock. D&G Password Unlocker is one of the best FRP Bypass Tools out there.


2. GSM Flasher Tool

GSM Flasher Tool is another simple tool to bypass FRP within few minutes, if you have any Android device that is stuck on FRP after undergoing factory reset and you want to get rid of the FRP immediately, GSM Flasher Tool is the perfect tool that’ll come to your rescue and all you just need to do is download the software and install it on your PC.

GSM Flasher tool works for any Android device, and most times it’s very effective on an older version of Android OS, it supports almost every old Android device and even the new ones, it’s a very simple FRP Bypass Tool and one of the best FRP Bypass Tools out there.


3. Pangu FRP Unlocker

Pangu is an Android-based FRP unlock tool that works on almost every Android device, with this app you don’t need to worry about having a PC before you can bypass FRP on your Android device. It works with a launcher app and with one or two steps to follow, you’ll be able to bypass FRP on your Android device.

Pangu FRP Unlocker works with Android OS ranging from 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.12 and 8.0 and you’ll find the app working on Android phones like Samsung, HTC, Mi and other Android devices, Pangu FRP Unlocker is one of the best FRP Bypass Tools to get rid of Googe verification.


4. FRP Unlocker App

FRP Unlocker App is a simple software that is used to bypass FRP on the following Android devices: LG, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony. This tool can be used to unlock any of the listed Android devices and it’s very easy to use. FRP Unlocker App doesn’t need much setup after downloading, you only need to connect the Android device you want to unlock and click on talkback and wait till it bypasses the FRP phase.

This tool is one of the best FRP Bypass Tools online, you can download it easily and it doesn’t require any other software. If you want to get rid of Google verification easily, then use this tool.


5. FRP Hijacker

Bypassing FRP on Samsung devices can be stressful at times and not using the right tool can even prolong the stress even more, but with FRP Hijacker you can bypass FRP on any Samsung device and it doesn’t take much time to get it done, FRP Hijacker bypasses Google verification within minutes of initializing it.

You can use this tool to bypass FRP on your Samsung device, it’s one of the best FRP Bypass Tools but it’s very effective on Samsung devices, and sometimes it works for other Android devices too.


6. Advanced Android Box

Advanced Android Box is a tool developed to bypass FRP on most Android phones that used Chinese chipsets, with this tool you can bypass FRP on devices with similar ID like Acer 0502, ASUS 0b05, Dell 413c, Foxconn 0489, Fujitsu 04c5, Fujitsu, Toshib 04c5 , Garmin , Asus 091e, Google 18d1, Haier201E, Hisense109b, HTC 0bb4, Huawei 12d1,Intel 8087, K-Touch 24e3, KT Tech 2116, Kyocera 0482, Lenovo 17ef, LG 1004, Motorola 22b8, MTK 0e8d, NEC 0409, Nook 2080, Nvidia 0955,OTGV 257, Pantech 10a9, Pegatron 1d4d, Philips 0471, PMC-Sierra 04da, Qualcomm 05c6, SK Telesys 1f53, Samsung 04e8, Sharp 04dd, Sony 054c, Sony Ericsson 0fce, Sony Mobile Communications 0fce, Teleepoch 2340,Toshiba 0930, ZTE 19d2.

Advanced Android Box is one of the best FRP Bypass Tool for Android devices, but it doesn’t work for all Android devices, but if you’re using a device with a Chinese chipset, then you can use this tool to bypass FRP.


7. FRP Lock Google Verification Bypass Tool

The last tool that’ll be listed is another great FRP bypassing tool and this tool is one of the best because it bypasses Google verification on brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, OPPO, LG and so on, and it works for any Android version, it’s a tool you can use to carry out more than just bypassing FRP on one device only. It works across many devices and this tool requires an internet connection if you want to use it.

FRP Lock Google verification Bypass Tool is one of the best out there and it’s very effective, if you want to bypass FRP on any Android device, this is the perfect tool to use for bypassing Google verification.

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