Samsung Launches Jeans with Special Pockets for Putting Galaxy Z Flip3

If you think that Apple launching a washcloth is a strange thing, you might be surprised by what Samsung has just announced.

Through the official Samsung Newsroom region Australia website, Samsung has announced a partnership with Dr Denim to launch a pair of jeans specifically for Samsung’s new foldable smartphone.

It is designed specifically for Samsung’s folding smartphone because the jeans come with a pocket that is not too big in the calf area so that the wearer can store their Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone more easily.

Jeans, the result of collaboration between Samsung and Dr Denim (photo/Samsung)

In addition, there is also a symbol of the letter ‘Z’ which gives a more special impression to the jeans compared to other jeans.

Also, the pockets presented are deliberately not too deep which allows the Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone to be partially visible when inserted in the pocket.

Samsung also sells the jeans at a price of AUD1,499 (equivalent to ₦457,000) which is included with the Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone with 128GB storage variant and is available in four colour variants of Cream, Black, Green and Lavender.
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