Warning! Quickly Delete, These 19 Android Apps Can Hijack Your Phone!

A security company called Lookout has recently discovered a new Trojan malware called AbstractEmu. It is known that this Trojan is found in several Android applications and is so dangerous that it must be removed quickly.

Quoted from Tomsguide, Lookout has now found 19 applications from the Amazon App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Aptoide, APK Pure, and other application stores that contain this AbstractEmu trojan.

It is stated that devices infected by this malware can be hijacked and applications on the victim’s smartphone such as contacts, SMS, to data such as call lists, cameras, and locations can all be accessed by the Trojan.

“This is a significant discovery because the malware is widely distributed and has root capability which is currently quite rare for the last five years,” said Kristina Balaam and Paul Shunk of Lookout.

Of the 19 applications detected by Lookout, it revealed the names of 7 applications that present the most dangerous threats because they can root the victim’s device.

Here is the list:

  1. All Passwords, com.mobilesoft.security.password
  2. Anti-ads Browser, com.zooitlab.antiadsbrowser
  3. Data Saver, com.smarttool.backup.smscontacts
  4. Lite Launcher, com.st.launcher.lite
  5. My Phone, com.dentonix.myphone
  6. Night Light, com.nightlight.app
  7. Phone Plus, com.phoneplusapp
Lookout also appeals to smartphone users who feel they have installed the application to quickly delete it so they don’t become victims of the Trojan malware.
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