Tecno Plans to Launch First Android With Sensor Shift, Telescopic Camera

Tecno has partnered with Samsung to bring an RGBW sensor to its upcoming phones, a new camera innovations coming to future models from the company.

To begin, RGBW sensor which stand for the Red, Green and Blue pixels have a color filter above them, which absorbs much of the light. The “W” pixel – White – has no filter so it absorbs 60% more light.

That’s not all; Tecno is planning to use a combination of glass and plastic lenses to increase the camera’s light gathering ability by another 30%.

The first Tecno phones with the upgraded RGBW camera will arrive in 2022.

Sensor Shift Technology

TECNO also plans to release its Sensor Shift technology in 2022, making itself the first mobile phone brand in Android system to do so. This kind of IS was first used on a phone by Apple with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and was adopted by all 13-series models.

Sensor Shift is an image stabilization technology that uses sensor movements instead of lens movements to compensate for vibrations.

Tecno says that sensor shift tech combined with a new algorithm will improve the accuracy of image stabilization 350% compared to current solutions.

Tecno Telescopic Lens

The telescopic lens will feature a motor that can extend and retract the lens, allowing for a smooth zoom. TECNO’s concept phone with a telescopic lens will come out in Q1 2022.

This is just a tip from the iceberg from what Tecno has for 2022 Q1. The question is, will tecno beat OPPO and others to its game in the market?
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