WhatsApp Voice Note Edit, Preview is Here

WhatsApp voice notes are one of the most popular ways to communicate on WhatsApp, easier to send your messages across than typing them; but before now, there’s no way to preview the recording before sending it. But something is changing; a solution is being pushed out right now.

The company announced through social media that it will now let you preview voice notes before sending them. It’s a rather handy addition as the alternative is to rapidly delete the erroneous voice note after it’s been sent or as it’s being sent.

How to Preview WhatsApp Voice Notes Before Sending Them

Hold down on the microphone button and then swipe up to enter hands-free recording mode. Once you’ve completed recording, the app will let you hit the play button to listen to the voice memo first.

As usual with such new features, it may take a while for this to roll out to every Android and iOS device out there using WhatsApp, but it is definitely on the way now. More features are coming before the year run out
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