Intel’s New CPU Can Hit 5.5Ghz On a Single Core

Intel has announced a new desktop processor at CES 2022, and it’s an absolute monster. The chip, called the Core i9-12900KS, can hit up to 5.5Ghz on a single core, which is an impressive amount of power.

While the single-core peak of 5.5Ghz is impressive, Intel also showed off the processor running at a consistent 5.2GHz across all its performance cores while playing Hitman 3. That’s a more realistic representation of what you can expect when you get one of these chips running inside your PC.

Intel didn’t break down the power draw of this new chip, but we’d expect that you’ll need some pretty serious cooling and a large power supply to keep it running smoothly.

While the chip’s specs are impressive, you’ll need to temper your expectations, as Tom’s Hardware notes that the S at the end of the model name indicates this chip will be a limited edition.

Even without that distinction, Intel’s Gregory Bryant said that the CPU would be shipping to “OEM customers,” which implies that you won’t be able to run out to your favorite retailer and buy one of these. Instead, if you want one, you’ll need to look into prebuilt options, which seems to be the only way to actually find a modern graphics card anyway.
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