New Study Says 87% Of US Teens Have an iPhone

There’s a new study regarding what Generation Z is into, and it shows that 87% of teens in the US have an iPhone, which is an absolutely staggering percentage of young people.

The new study comes from BlueMatrix, and it says, “87% of teens own an iPhone, and 88% expect an iPhone to be their next phone.” If there was any doubt about what phone teenagers in the United States prefer, this study confirms the suspicion that most young people use iPhone, leaving Android’s install base to a minimal amount of GenZ.

Breaking down the results, BlueMatrix said, “We view the elevated penetration and intention are important for a maturing premium smartphone market. In addition, these trends are encouraging as the company continues to introduce new 5G iPhones, which could provide a significant product cycle refresh. We think these positive trends can also be a catalyst for further services growth as well, as the install base for Apple hardware continues to grow.”

Teen iPhone ownership has been more than 80% since Spring 2018, so Apple has been dominating the young phone ownership market for some time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In the fall of 2020, iPhone had 86% of the market share, so there’s been a 1% increase year-over-year.

The survey looked at more than 10,000 teens in 44 US states. Those surveyed had an average household income of $67,755. The average age of people in the study was 15.8 years old. For genders, 51% were male, 47% female, and 2% non-binary.
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