How to Block GTBank ATM Cards if Stolen or Missing

In this post, I will be showing you what you should do when your GTBank credit or debit card (also known as ‘ATM Card’) gets missing or stolen. I will share with you steps on how to block GTBank ATM Card if stolen or missing.

In the advent of a missing, damaged or stolen ATM card, there are certain steps you must follow right away before you apply for a replacement. These steps should prevent unwanted card usage from unauthorised persons.

Ways to Block GTBank ATM Cards:

There are 4 ways to block your GTBank ATM card to avoid theft, they include:
  1. USSD Code
  2. GTBank Mobile App/Online Banking
  3. SMS
  4. Contact Bank
Here’s How to Block GTBank ATM Card in Nigeria

Method 1: Block Card via USSD Code

One of the easiest and fastest ways to block your GTBank card is through the mobile USSD code. To get started;
  1. Simply dial *737*51*10# on any mobile device, then proceed to enter your phone number (make sure it’s the phone number is associated with your GTBank account), then enter your PIN to confirm blockage.

Method 2: Block Card via App/Internet Banking

GTBank allows you to block ATM cards directly by;
  1. Login to your GTBank app or internet banking » click on cards » then select ‘hotlist’ » select card » insert number, expiry etc, and reason to block card » after submitting, wait for your card to be blocked.
  2. Method 3: Block Card via SMS
  3. You can hotlist your card when compromised, missing or stolen. Simple SMS “HOTLIST (NUBAN)” to 08076665555. Replace NUBAN with your 10 digit account number.

Method 4: Block Card by Contacting GTBank

Also, instead of visiting your bank branch, one of the fastest ways to block your GTBank ATM card is by contacting the bank via their social media accounts or phone number.

In case you misplaced or lost your GTB ATM card (Verve, Visa or Master card), here are all GTBank contact details to apply for blocking of lost ATM card. You will find social media accounts, telephone numbers, email, website etc below;

GTBank Contact Details:

Telephone numbers
  • +2348039003900
  • +2348029002900
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Twitter: (for general complaints)
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