Microsoft Defender Now Detects Bugs in iOS & Android

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can now detect flaws in Android and iOS devices. With this, now it supports all the device platforms across organization workstations, servers, and mobiles.

The company announced this in a blog post. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a security solution that the company provides for enterprises.

This vulnerability management feature allows the admins to check the known but unpatched bugs available in Android and installed apps. However, it can spot bugs in iOS even if the apps are not installed.

Defender for Endpoint Now Spots Unpatched Bugs in Android & iOS

The mobile threat and vulnerability is a part of the defender for Endpoint mobile threat defense (MTD), which monitors for malware, jailbroken iPhones, and more.

In a blog post, the company said,

“Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of threat and vulnerability management support for Android and iOS in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. With this new cross-platform coverage, threat and vulnerability management capabilities now support all major device platforms across the organization-spanning workstations, servers, and mobile devices.”

The new update in Microsoft will now do a systematic review of vulnerabilities of Android OS versions of onboarded devices with the installed apps.

The tech giant also says that in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenario, the Defender only supports the apps that are installed for work. And the vulnerability check is not done by default.

Even for iOS versions, the vulnerability assessment will be done, but the apps installed on iOS devices will not be a part of it. It will be added later.

One year ago, on February 2, the Defender for Endpoint’s threat and vulnerability management was generally available for macOS devices.

This is a part of an effort by the company to expand the security platform capabilities on all the platforms.
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