List of Apps to Chat with People Internationally in 2022

Are you looking for Android or iOS app to chat with foreigners? Do you want to make friends with foreigners easily? Do you want to get more foreign clients for your business and chat with them without language barrier?
List of Apps to Chat with Foreigners on Android & iOS in 2022
With social networks and increasingly advanced technology, meeting people from any part of the world is easy. Today, to chat with foreigners is more easier, just use some apps and that’s it! You can communicate without travelling. Technology has made the world a global village so let’s maximize this beautiful opportunity.

List of Apps to Chat with People Internationally in 2022

Globalization provides the exchange of information, cultures and traditions. This can result in new friendships, passions or making people come together to make a difference in the world. Keep in mind if you’re doing business in a foreign language, it’s always best to use a professional language translation company to ensure you’re communicating correctly.


Tinder is the best match-making and dating app which is also used to meet foreigners and chat with them. Tinder has over 30 billion matches to date, meaning that a lot of people globally are making use of this app to meet new people. Wikipedia tagged it as a “geosocial networking” platform where you can choose people to message based on interest.

The premium version of the app called Tinder Plus offers even more features such as infinite swipe and no ads.


In addition to being a great application for learning a new language, with several features, HelloTalk also provides the experience of chatting with foreigners. Thus, it is possible to meet new people and practice another language.
In the app, you choose the languages you speak fluently or want to learn and, almost instantly, you can find native speakers of the chosen language. Thus, you can practice a language more effectively.

When chatting with a foreigner in the app, you have the option to write 500 characters and translate them immediately. Thus, bypassing language barriers when communicating with people around the world.


Chat Pal is a very simple but very effective app to meet new people and practice languages. With the app, you can chat with native speakers of the language you want, who are from all over the world.

Also, with the app, you still get tips on pronunciation and spelling. It helps you connect and chat with people from other countries easily no matter their languages. To start a conversation, Hello Pal offers a series of predefined phrases. Thus, even those who do not know much about another language can make friends!

The tools available in the application are designed so that the interaction between users is efficient, starting from the beginning of a conversation. With Hello Pal, practicing another language and meeting new people is very easy.


In order to provide a free communication without leaving your home, Speaky has a large community of people from all over the world. The goal is for the interaction to make you fluent in another language in no time’

Quickly and efficiently, you can chat with foreigners in over 110 languages. So, finding a partner to speak and learn more than one language is simple. You can practice in several ways: text chat, audio messages and even file sharing.

To start, just choose the language level you want to speak in and Speaky will take care of the rest. With advanced filters to browse the exchange community, you can find profiles that can meet your needs.

When browsing the lists, online foreigners are shown first! So, starting to talk to someone is very fast. In addition, your friends on the network are organized between natives and non-natives in the chosen language.


Busuu is a very interesting application for learning languages and also for talking to foreigners. In fact, one of the highlights of the app is that it encourages users to interact with each other.

In the app, you have 12 different languages to be able to practice. The natives of the chosen language become your teachers and new friends. This way, you learn the language and discover more about a new culture and traditions different from yours.

If your goal is just to talk, it is very important that you have an intermediate level in the language you are going to use. This is because, for beginners, maintaining a more complex conversation can be tricky. So, learn a lot and find friends from other countries to practice.


Tandem is one of the best apps for chatting with foreigners. With it, you learn and practice any language, speaking with foreigners native to the chosen language. And it is very quick to start meeting and making friends all over the world, since the app has more than 5 million users, from all corners of the planet.
Tandem has provision of users meeting virtually, encouraging interaction between all participants in the app community. Therefore, having contact with people from several countries is quite simple.

Talking to foreigners in Tandem helps you learn and practice a foreign language. In addition to contact with different cultures and customs, which can be something completely new and very interesting.


Greengow is a slightly different application than the rest on the list. In addition to having a community of users across the globe, the tool is actually an instant language translator. That is, you don’t even need to know another language to start making friends from all over the world.

With Greengow, you can speak (make calls) in your native language and the app will translate what was said in real time, in a function similar to a walkie talkie. You can also write text messages in your own language. The translation is in charge of the application.

To browse the community, you can check who is closest or who is in distant countries. So, you start to talk to foreigners who may have some kind of common interest. Start practicing a language or making friends easily and instantly with Greengow app.

Other chatting apps that can also be used to connect and communicate with people from other parts of the world include but not limited to Messenger, Instagram, telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, 2Go, etc. But these apps where not included because they don’t have better language translating capacities or functions as the ones listed in this article.
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