List of Top Sites to Chat with People internationally Online in 2022

This post is about best sites to meet and chat with foreigners online in 2022 without any barrier. These websites help you enjoy foreign chat with people from different parts of the world and also help you learn new languages. This is because the sites has language learning features that helps you quickly learn different languages.
List of Top Sites  to Chat with People internationally Online in 2022
In my previous article, I wrote about best apps to chat with foreigners and here we have alternative method which requires no installation of additional app but chatting directly through a web browser.

The best way to improve pronunciation in English or another language is to speak with native speakers. The internet has shortened geographical distances and brings together several sites to talk to foreigners.
Online chat services allow you to talk to people from different countries for free, expand your vocabulary and even make new friends. 

List of Top Sites  to Chat with People internationally Online in 2022


Speaky is an online chat room that brings people with common language learning interests together. There are many options like English, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, among others.

To use this site, you must signup first. When creating your account, you must select which language you want to practice and your level of proficiency, from beginner to expert. Then, you need to say your native language. You will then be placed in a group with people online who have similar skills to yours.

To make chatting easier, you can define your tastes, which appear prominently in the conversation window.


The Tandem Exchange website is one of the best sites to chat with foreigners as it brings native speakers who want to learn the language together, promoting a true cultural exchange. There is no need to be ashamed to correct the other. Nor do you feel intimidated when the opposite happens. Everyone is there to learn.

For instance, if someone who speaks Portuguese wants to practice English, they will be directed to English-speaking people who wish to improve their fluency in Portuguese. According to the creators, the goal is to get you off the site and connect you with a real person as soon as possible.

The chat can continue in person or through other chat apps. To find the ideal partner, the tip is to invest in your profile, sharing information about tastes and preferences.


Busuu is another well-known online language teaching platform, which also has a social networking features to allow people chat online. It is not just a chatting site, but it allows you to improve your vocabulary and grammar with the help of native speakers.

You can write or record an audio about the content you learned that day and another user will help you correct it. It is possible to do the same and help people. If you prefer, you can add them up to strengthen the relationship. If you choose the paid plan, this correction is made by native specialists.

In the free plan, it is possible to practice only one language at a time. In Premium, the user has the freedom to switch between options. There are 12 in all: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Polish. The site also has an Android and iOS app which made the list of top foreign chatting apps.


The Polyglot Club defines itself as an exchange community that promotes free language practice. The service has more than 800 thousand members. Users can participate in collective video chats, make new friends, as well as correct and have content reviewed by third parties.

The site also offers a tool to schedule group meetings that take place in the real world, promoting proximity between members. Just search around the city to find out when one will happen near you.

The most active users earn points of trust, which gives security for others to interact with them. That is, the more you participate, the greater the chance that other people will contact you.


Coefee has the premise of learning while playing. The tool offers word games to play with other users or alone. There is also a private chat with a built-in translator to facilitate when questions arise.

In the Word Explainer game, one of the participants chooses a word, gives a definition and the number of letters. It is up to the other to try to guess. It is very similar to the “hangman game”. Throughout the game, the two can chat in the chat, encouraging practice.

In the Make a Phrase game, the user receives a sentence in the system’s native language, which must be translated into the one he wants to learn. For that, it has a block of words that you must click to mount the sentence.


Easy Language Exchange is another free online international chatting platform that allows you to practice languages while meeting new people. You can search for people with learning objectives compatible with yours.

If you like a profile, you can invite them to exchange languages or send a private message. Another interesting tool is the possibility to work together and ask for help in translating works.

If you prefer, you can also participate in discussion forums, in which different types of topics are discussed.


Hello Talk is, in reality, is an application that allows you to learn new languages by talking to native speakers. The platform, however, has a web version, in which it is possible to access the chat through the computer just as whatsapp web.

To do this, you must have the app installed on your Android or iPhone device and, through it, read the QR code available on the website. So, just continue to practice with people and groups who have the same learning interests as you.

Chat windows have integrated translation and proofreading tools. The system itself controls the time or the number of characters that are spoken in each language, forcing the relay. In all, more than 100 languages are available.


The Reddit is not a specific tool for practicing languages. But, for sure, it is a rich environment to improve English, the most used language on the platform. After all, in this social content sharing tool it is possible to find discussion forums on the most different topics.

It is almost impossible not to find a topic that you are not interested in. Do you like video games, sports, science, breaking news, memes or movies? Participate in communities, share your opinions and read others’. Thus, expand your vocabulary and fluency in the English language.
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