Snapchat Expands Its Service To The Web

Snapchat, a popular photo and messaging tool, has expanded its services to the Web, allowing users to send messages and initiate video calls to their contacts from their computers.

Initially, the firm targeted youthful users with a viral photo-sharing service on mobile phones or tablets.

Snap’s latest change acknowledges that its users have matured, with many of them working on large screens at home or at work.

According to Evan Thomas Spiegel, Co-founder and CEO of Snap, the new desktop version of the app will be accessible initially to customers in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Snapchat+ members in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

“The web offering will be a more stripped-down version of the mobile app, primarily focusing on the app’s messaging feature as opposed to its Stories feature.

“Like the Snap app, messages will disappear after 24 hours, and any Snaps users watch from their desktop computers will delete right after viewing, Spiegel revealed in a statement.

It also indicated that Snap will introduce more app features to the desktop version, such as the ability for users to liven up their video calls with the use of lenses.
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