10 Best Puzzle Games for Android & iOS in 2022

Puzzles have become the next big thing in the gaming world and far from the regular grid and blanks with words, they have evolved into something strategic and multilevel.

Puzzle games are sometimes seen as strategic games, that’s technically true and these types of games are also called brain-building games. If you’re the type who loves puzzles and not just ordinary puzzle games but different puzzle games like crosswords and so on, you’ll find different puzzle games in this article you’re reading.

List of The Best Puzzle Games For Android & iOS

These games are free to download, you can download them on the Google Play Store and for iOS users, you can find these games on websites like Panda Helper, AppValley and TutuApp.

1. Maze: Path of Light

First off the list is Maze: Path of Light, it’s a lightweight game that is occupying a storage space of 24MB on Android and 110.20MB on iOS, this classic maze game exudes itself as the best Crossword Puzzle for Android and iOS for the following reasons.

The visuals of the game are top-notch, not only that, the game is very easy to play as it involves a character trying to cut through a maze and reach for the light, more so, every level of the game comes with an exciting extra that unlocks various modes, token collection and time bound selection, the game surely needs to be on the wish list of the game you should download.

2. Smart Puzzle Collection

Puzzle games have not only transcended the walls of being stand-alone letters and fill-in-the-blank but have also included various collections one game that tops the list as the best puzzle games for Android and iOS in that category is Smart Puzzle Collection.

Mostly on an Android device, the storage capacity this game consumes varies with the Android versions of the device. The game provides multiple collections of games ranging from blocks, loops and more. Another aspect of its recognition as one of the hottest puzzle games out there.

3. Brain it on

No better time to download this fantastic crossword puzzle game that has a simple game concept and amazing gameplay than now. Brain it on puzzle game works on both Android and iOS platforms, this game tops the list as one of the best puzzle games on android and iOS.

A simple game concept aimed at improving one’s imagination and creativity, with a lot of game levels up to 200 and multiple styles to play providing enjoyment and boosting imagination.

4. Mekorama

Mekorama is a lightweight puzzle game to download, secondly, it is free with almost no ads only taking about 10MB of space on Android and 19.3MB on iPhone, the Mekorama crossword puzzle remains one of the most popular puzzle games out there.

Built with excellent graphics, simple but complicated game missions and tasks, good background music and to cap it online sharing compatibility that makes building a puzzle for oneself easy to share. Nothing should take this puzzle game out as one of the best on android and iOS.

5. Roll The Ball

All you need to know about the gameplay is simple, you move tiles around to create a connecting path for the ball to roll on the other square. And adding to the list of best Crossword puzzle games for android and iOS devices is the Roll the Ball crossword puzzle game.

The game provides hints for players as they engage with the gameplay, thereby making playability exciting. In addition, the game catalogue at least over 3000 challenging levels to beat when playing and is known to record almost no ad pop-up as one plays.

6. Disney Frozen Free Fall

Disney Frozen Free Fall boasts over 1000 different levels and thereby making it one of the coolest puzzle games you can download on your Android or iOS device. This game was developed with the Disney Frozen Movie concept and it’s one of the best at the moment.

The main task of the game is to match 3 or more ice crystals of the same colour to break and earn a point. Each progress a gamer makes on the game unlocks many cool features and various characters that feature in the Disney movie Frozen, the game is quite easy to play and good on graphics, adding to the fact that it remains one of the best you can download.

7. 2048

Firstly, this game is addictive and if ever you think you would renege on it, you’ve got the caveat. The game requires Android storage as per the version and an iOS space of 43.5MB.

It requires that you move tiles with the same number to earn a point, it is easy to play and very addictive. The game unlocks higher-value number told as you complete each level. Indeed the 2048 crossword puzzle game is one of the best games on Android and iOS.

8. Energy: Anti-stress loop

All this game requires is that you tap lines to rotate and create a connected loop to create a full loop to make a lamp light, everything about this game is pretty straight and simple, it’s a light game on both Android and iOS.

The good visual of the game, calming music that relaxes the mind, as well as the progress/difficulty level, makes the game an exciting one to try out as well.

9. Where Is My Water? 2

Help swampy the gator cut through dirt and guide him through fresh water, coloured water and stream to bring water to his home, the gameplay features swampy in three different locations where he has to complete the mission.

It contains up to a hundred levels and extras like boosters, vacuum droppers and absorbers that can be played by Kids and adults, it’s addictive.

10. Unblock Me

Unblock me is a puzzle game that involves moving a goal block out of a series of boards to place the goal block where it is originally meant to be. One interesting aspect of this crossword puzzle is the size of the game app and how much of puzzle games are present in it with over 40000 different levels.

The modes which the game comes with allow gamers to choose their difficulty level and the game itself is a catalogue of the superb game teaser. Making it one of the coolest puzzle games to try on your Android and iOS device.
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