Best Naruto Games to Download For Windows PC (2022)

Naruto games are very popular across different platforms, sometimes it’s hard to know the best Naruto games to download. Well, it’s not so hard to select a Naruto game after all because most naruto games are available on different platforms, we’ve decided to pick out the best ones for Windows users.

The Naruto comic series holds a pride of place in the heart of most manga comics lovers and readers alike since its inception and with the introduction of the game version, both comic lovers and gamers get the chance to enjoy this piece in varied ways as it suits them.

We’ve seen different series of naruto games on PSP, they can be downloaded anywhere and there’s an easy way to install naruto games as well. But for Windows users, picking the right naruto game to download can be tricky.

List of The Best Naruto Games to Download For Windows PC

1. Naruto Powerful Shippuden

The Naruto Powerful Shippuden game series holds e storyline of the original comic and adds a shade of weirdness to the gameplay

The story features Rock Lee who takes the space of a Mr Nice Guy protagonist and unlike other series, uses his nice persona to win the heart of his peers in becoming his village leader. The 3D graphics of the game visually to the silly yet funky nature of the gameplay.

2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Presenting to your number two on our list of the best Naruto games for your Windows PC is the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. This game series is regarded as the most epic as it draws storylines from first-generation Naruto games and adds to the current game plot.

The arcade game revel in making characters fight up to 0 enemies at a time while providing an excellent and well-detailed storyline. The sound and graphic interface make it an exciting game to have on your Windows.

3. Naruto – Jump Force

This series is a pseudo-Naruto game series as it does not possess the full feel of the manga game, in any case, it is worth trying.

Packed with a fast pace fun action and multiple-player options the game has, jump Force stands as one of the best Naruto games to have on your Windows PC. The game in every way seems to veer off the norm when it comes to the gameplay and general interface.

4. Naruto Rise of the Ninja

The beauty of this series is the old fashion fun it brings to the mind of veteran players of the older Naruto version but s one of the best Naruto games to have on your Windows PC.

The series blends one on one combat and role play to create an exciting mix, with voicing in English, non-Japanese get to have an in-depth feel of the game storyline and as stated earlier, add that to the old fashion feel and you have the best Naruto game to have on your Windows PC.

5. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Talk of the speed, accessibility and character crew domicile in this Naruto series and you get the reason why it remains one of the best naruto games to have on your Windows.

The game stands out to be very accessible and requires little or no specific in playing, it also supports a one-on-one area battle with two characters’ support, a mob battle with a full story mode and snack time set with about 80 characters to build character crew.

6. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation

While it’s ok to have the same storyline repeating itself in various game series, sometimes a break in the norm is quite needed, and the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation is that break as it makes the list as one of the best games to download on your Windows PCs.

One innovation to this game is the online tournament that players get to participate in with other players who are online to win, in addition, the improvement to the gameplay and the new storyline twist which also features a beast mode makes it indeed one of the best Naruto games to download on your Windows PC.

7. Naruto The Broken Bond

The Broken Bond features a cool visual with a watercolour feel and the storyline drawn from the 81-135 anime and also a 39 playable character advantage. The tag team fight system also makes it an interesting game to try out as well as the music and voicing that depicts the original anime series stated above.

Indeed the Naruto Broken Bond series is one of the best games to have for your Windows PC, the game has a lot of characters, you can upgrade or build your fighter, and plenty of levels. The game has stunning graphics and an awesome soundtrack.

8. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

From start to finish, the Ultimate Ninja Storm keeps you a tiptoe as every fighting scene, graphics and sound is poised at being fast-paced creating heightened emotions in players.

With visuals having a 3D feel with an open world and linear story setting, character fighters ranging from 6 or more, a boss battle-packed game and CK time gameplay, the Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 series stands as one of the best Naruto games to download on your Windows PC.


NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE would pass as another best game to have on your Windows PC as being the first ever Android and iOS version of the Naruto game series, this deserves a play on our PCs as well. You can only play NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE on PC with any of the Best Android Emulators for PC.

Its interesting RPG features like the defence and invading mode and the part where you get to protect villages, make the game a must-have. Also, the Auto mode where the game plays with or without the game player stars is another point to consider downloading the game for your PC, to wrap it up, it free to play option.

10. Fortnite X Naruto

Fortnite X Naruto isn’t a naruto game entirely, but Fortnite being one of the best battle royale games out there has featured characters from Naruto Shippuden in its game, you can use naruto characters in your Fortnite gameplay.

Aside from being just free to play, the game comes with an amazing skin type feature where players choose the skin they would want their avatar represented in, add this features to the other features found on their extra menu and you would have a game for your Windows PC.
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