2023 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android/iOS

Pregnancy tracking gets better on smartphones with the best pregnancy tracker apps for Android and iOS. Perhaps you might be expecting a baby anytime soon or you just found out you’re pregnant and want to keep tabs. Well, a pregnancy tracker might just be enough instead of checking your regular calendar.

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey filled with milestones and changes. During pregnancy, someone doesn’t just use the normal idea of the baby coming in 9 months, sometimes it comes earlier than that. Instead of using assumptions, there are tracking apps that work for pregnancy. Just as we have sleep tracking apps, fitness tracking apps and habit tracking apps. On the Google Play Store and Apple Store, you’ll discover a lot of pregnancy trackers as well.

List of The Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Android & iOS

With these top-notch pregnancy tracker apps, you can monitor your baby’s progress. Aside from tracking, these apps also send expert advice and daily tips on pregnancy maintenance. While using any of these pregnancy trackers, you’ll also get workout features and won’t need any pregnancy workout app. You can download them from Google Play Store, Apple Store and third-party app stores like Panda Helper, TutuApp and AppValley. With that being said, let’s explore the best pregnancy tracker apps for Android and iPhone.

1. Pregnancy Tracker by Amila

Pregnancy Tracker by Amila is an outstanding pregnancy tracker for females who are embarking on a beautiful journey of pregnancy. If you want to stay informed about your baby and track your pregnancy from time to time, this app is perfect for you. Pregnancy Tracker by Amila goes beyond simply tracking weeks and due dates. It’s an information hub that provides you with insights into your baby’s development on a weekly basis. From the first trimester to the last, Pregnancy Tracker offers a visual representation of your baby’s growth, helping you connect with the miraculous changes happening within.

When it comes to accuracy, this is one of the best apps you’ll come across. It features some of the best pregnancy tools you won’t find on other alternatives. One of the reasons why Pregnancy Tracker by Amila makes sense for pregnancy tracking is due to its user-friendly interface. It allows you to record your emotions, thoughts, and physical experiences, creating a digital diary that captures the essence of your pregnancy journey. Additionally, Pregnancy Tracker provides a platform to share your progress with loved ones, ensuring that they’re a part of every milestone.

2. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App is a very popular app that is also known as What to Expect. This is an app every expectant parent should download on their smartphone because it offers all the complete features of a pregnancy tracker app. With this app, you can do a lot more than just tracking your pregnancy. Once installed on your Android or iOS device, you can get all accurate information about your baby’s gender, health and even daily tips. One of the coolest features of this app is the Chinese gender predictor. With this feature, you’ll have an idea of your baby’s gender. The app also provides articles on pregnancy symptoms and health.

Furthermore, Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App also features a registry builder. You’ll be able to get help with your baby registry throughout your pregnancy. What to Expect also comes with a weight gain calculator, it offers guides on the right meals and exercises to embark on while pregnant. Additionally, the app also offers a baby development video, you’ll watch every stage of your baby’s development from time to time. If you’re looking for one of the best pregnancy tracker apps for Android and iOS, this app is one of the best to explore. There’s also a community where partners and mothers can interact to learn more about pregnancy and baby care.

3. BabyCenter

Another comprehensive pregnancy tracker app on the list is BabyCenter. As a parent or a mother expecting a baby soon, this app should be your go-to centre for resources regarding pregnancy and baby care. The BabyCenter app offers a seamless transition into pregnancy tracking, providing a comprehensive toolkit for expectant parents. From week-by-week updates on your baby’s development to informative articles about various aspects of pregnancy, BabyCenter covers it all. BabyCenter has a community where you can connect with other expecting mums and also ask questions from experts.

BabyCenter comes with a lot of features, one of the best is the babe names finder. This feature will let you discover names you can give to your baby and it also gives detailed information about the name, meaning and origin. Furthermore, BabyCenter also offers a baby due date calculator and a pregnancy calendar with articles from BabyCenter. While using BabyCenter, you can also get inside-the-uterus videos, offering a day-to-day development overview of your baby. As a pregnant mother, this is one of the best pregnancy tracking apps you’ll love to use.

4. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

During pregnancy, you’ll need a tracker that’ll be a personalized partner throughout your pregnancy journey. With Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker, it becomes possible. You’re looking at one of the best apps to track pregnancy and it is available for all smartphone users. Even on iPadOS, it is available for iPad users because it offers compatibility and also makes pregnancy tracking easy. This app goes beyond tracking by offering health insights and educational content tailored to your unique needs. From weight gain recommendations to nutritional tips, Ovia provides a holistic approach to pregnancy wellness.

What makes Ovia distinctive is its customization options. The app adapts to your progress, offering guidance that aligns with your current stage of pregnancy. Additionally, Ovia integrates features like a symptoms tracker and a medication safety guide, ensuring that your well-being remains a priority. With its attention to detail and commitment to personalized care, Ovia stands as one of the best pregnancy tracker apps for Android and iOS devices.

5. Bounty – Pregnancy & Baby App

If you’re in the UK, Bounty – Pregnancy & Baby App might just be the right app you need to download. Well, it is recommended because it allows quick connection to any local NHS hospital near you. This app serves as a loyal companion, offering week-by-week updates on your baby’s growth, alongside a plethora of articles addressing pregnancy-related topics. This is an app you can during pregnancy and even after childbirth. The pregnancy tracker and countdown feature is one of the best from this app. You’ll be able to watch your baby grow thanks to the womb-with-a-view feature, it also offers a baby foot size tracker and a baby growth tracker.

What sets Bounty apart is its comprehensive approach to parenting. The app extends its support beyond pregnancy, providing insights into the journey of parenthood that follows. With features like a baby development timeline and parenting tips, Bounty ensures that you’re well-prepared for the exciting phase that comes after pregnancy. It’s a comprehensive app that evolves with you, making it a valuable resource for your entire parenting journey.

6. Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week

One of the best pregnancy tracker apps is Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week. As the name suggests, this app provides week-by-week updates on your baby’s growth and your changing body. It’s a visual guide that helps you understand and connect with the remarkable changes happening within. The insightful and easy-to-use interface of this app is one of the reasons why you’ll love it. It comes with a personal pregnancy calculator and also kicks count. Another outstanding feature of Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week is the smart notification feature.

Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week doesn’t overwhelm you with an excessive array of features; instead, it focuses on delivering essential information and tracking your progress. The app’s user-friendly layout ensures that accessing insights about your pregnancy is a breeze. Additionally, the interactive 3D visualization of your baby’s growth adds a touch of wonder to the experience, making it an engaging and informative app for expectant parents
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