2023 Best Bible Apps for Kids (Android/iOS)

In the past, the Bible was a large book that was not easy to carry everywhere. A while ago, smaller pocket-sized Bibles became popular for their portability. Nowadays, the world is digital, and this applies to the Bible too. This means that there are also Bible apps for kids that can be conveniently accessed on smartphones.

These apps will allow kids to study and learn the Bible on their phones, making it convenient to access and learn from anywhere at any time. Here are some of the best Bible apps for kids for both Android and iOS devices that can help kids learn and explore the Bible on the go.

List of the Best Bible Apps for Kids on Android and iOS

1. Superbook Kids Bible App

This family-friendly tool is one of the Bible apps for kids that make the Bible more engaging. It offers an easy-to-understand Bible, various Bible versions and audio option. The app features over 20 entertaining games, including trivia, word, and action games. Superbook also provides access to 52 full-length animation episodes.

These animation episodes include David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, and the Miracles of Jesus, which can now be downloaded for offline viewing. The app also provides daily verses, answers to common kids’ questions about God and faith, and a kid-friendly Gospel message to begin knowing God.

Users can explore profiles of people, places, and artifacts, attach notes and photos to verses, and bookmark their favorites. The app is available in multiple languages, with full Superbook episodes accessible in numerous languages as well.

2. Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids is an interactive and animated app that tells stories about Jesus and other important Bible tales for children and families. The app uses colorful illustrations and touch-activated animations to make the Bible stories come alive.

It’s designed to be easy for kids to use and offers engaging content to help them learn about the Bible in a fun and memorable way. The app also includes activities and challenges to earn rewards, making it an enjoyable and educational experience.

Available in over 30 languages, it is one of the popular Bible apps for kids and people of all ages due to its captivating animations and valuable moral lessons from the Bible. While the app is free to use, a premium membership offers additional benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a deeper connection to the Bible’s teachings.

3. Spark Bible

Spark Bible is a free app aimed at helping people understand the Bible better. It provides a range of resources to make Bible reading more insightful and transformative. The app features videos and audio sermons from renowned pastors and Bible teachers.

The app functions like an interactive commentary that enhances your Gospel understanding. It offers access to answers from notable Bible scholars and aims to provide a variety of Bible versions, including NIV, ESV, KJV, RSV, and others.

Having a smooth and clean interface, Spark Bible provides helpful resources for each chapter. Users can customize their reading experience, saving and highlighting verses and even add personal notes. The app is regularly updated with new resources including Bible versions to aid in deepening your Bible knowledge.

4. Bible for Beginners

Bible for Beginners offers an easy-to-understand version of the Bible, called BBE (Bible in Basic English), which uses simple English words to make the Bible more accessible, especially for those with limited education or non-native English speakers.

The BBE was created by English Bible scholar Professor Samuel Henry Hooke to help people read and understand the Holy Word more easily. This app lets users read or listen to the Bible online or offline, even without an internet connection.

It includes features like audio Scriptures, the ability to bookmark and highlight verses, a favorites list, writing personal notes, and sharing verses through email, SMS, or social networks. The app is free to download and use, providing a convenient way to carry the Word of God everywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

5. I Read

This is an engaging app designed to take children on an exciting journey through Bible stories. The app offers short Christian stories from both the Old and New Testaments, with no need for an internet connection or ads. After reading each story, children answer questions to demonstrate their comprehension and earn stars.

The app covers various stories like Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, the Birth of Jesus, and more, fostering Christian education in a fun and interactive way. Ideal for car trips and bedtime reading, this app provides a solution for making Bible reading an enjoyable activity for children.

By offering a fun approach to learning, it aims to help kids understand and remember important Bible narratives. Available in both English and Spanish, the app offers a platform for parents to instill the values of Christian education and encourage their children’s ongoing learning from the Bible.

6. Logos Bible Study App

The Logos Bible Study App is a mobile tool that helps you study the Bible and access theological resources on the go. It allows you to read the Bible alongside commentaries, save books for offline reading, and use exclusive study tools. You can organize your reading and create reading plans quickly.

The app also provides enhanced text selection features, allowing you to highlight, take notes, and explore Bible Word Study with a simple tap. One of the app’s highlights is its powerful search functionality, which enables you to instantly find verses in the Bible or search through your library for deeper insights.

Reference Scanner feature enables you to take pictures of documents with verse references and open them in your preferred Bible version. The app includes tools like dictionary and lexicons to delve into the meaning of specific words. In addition, you can compare verses across different translations with indicators of differences.
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