GTA 6 Rumoured To Release For $150

Rumors suggest that the highly-anticipated Rockstar’s upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6), is likely to be one of the most expensive games in recent history, as it may come at a hefty price tag of $150 per copy after its release.

GTA 6 Rumoured To Release For $150

The rumor emerges from an original report by Niche Gamer, which stated that GTA 6 is rumored to cost $150 and has reportedly cost the company over $2 billion to develop the game.

This news spread like wildfire on the internet and sparked debates in the GTA fan space on the price of the upcoming release of GTA 6.

For instance, some die-hard GTA players fans said they are willing to pay the price for its expected hundreds of hours of content.

One wrote, “We buying anyway,” while another agreed, “Like it matters, people spend thousands on the online game with shark cards.” While someone else said, “If I’m paying 150 the strippers better come out of my screen to give me a lapdance.”

On the other hand, some GTA fans found the concept of paying $150 for GTA 6 as “disgusting” and unaffordable.

It’s also worth noting that Rockstar Games has a history of premium pricing, and given the game’s enormous popularity and the franchise’s devoted fan base, it would be no surprise if it comes at a price tag of $150. Hence, it remains to be seen what pricing strategy the company would adopt for GTA 6.

Currently, the only information confirmation from Rockstar Games is that GTA 6 is in development. Hence, any rumors or leaks surrounding GTA 6 should be taken with a pinch of salt until the video game developer officially confirms it.
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