How to Reset your Oraimo Smart Bulb

The Oraimo Smart bulb offers users an easy and affordable way to smarten up their homes. These require no additional equipment, and no Wi-Fi hub to set up and operate. All you need is to connect the built to a power source, pair using the Oraimo Home app and you are ready to use it! That simple.

If you have an Oraimo smart bulb, you might want to reset it to its factory settings for various reasons. For example, you might want to pair it with a new device, regain connection to the bulb in case of a glitch, or troubleshoot some issues.

In this blog post, we will show you how to reset your Oraimo smart bulb in a few simple steps. As you might have noticed already, there is no button on the smart bulb so in case you lose access via the app, how do you do it?Plug the smart bulb using the appropriate connector to a fixture.

How to Reset your Oraimo Smart Bulb
Ensure the connection does have power and the bulb turns on with whichever setting it was last set to.
  1. Now, turn off the switch and back on at 5-second intervals.
  2. Continue to do this until the bulb starts to flash. At this point, your smart bulb has been reset successfully.
  3. Now, proceed to the Oraimo Home app and add it as a new device. Ensure that you are within Bluetooth range of the bulb for the setup to work.

Enjoy your freshly reset Oraimo smart bulb. You can now customize its settings, change its color, brightness, and schedule, and control it with your voice or remotely.

That’s it! You have successfully reset your Oraimo smart bulb.
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