How to Spy on Another Person’s Whatsapp Chats

It is very possible to spy on another person’s Whatsapp chats using two methods – Whatscan and Whatsapp web. In this post, I will show you simple tricks to cleverly spy on someone else’s Whatsapp messages. With the tricks, you can spy on your husband’s WhatsApp chats, wife’s WhatsApp chats boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages, girlfriend’s WhatsApp chats, and other people’s chats.

Whatsapp is a very secure instant messaging platform so it’s difficult to ha.c.k or maneuver but there is a simple trick.

The trick to spy on another’s Whatsapp simply requires you to have in hand, at least for a moment, the person’s phone, open Whatsapp, go into the settings, and make the camera appear to scan the QR code that appears on the screen of your computer in which you opened the website.

Immediately, you can open the other person’s Whatsapp on your PC and use it as if you had his phone in his hand.

The Whatsapp site keeps the connection to the account in memory until the spied person notices and closes any Whatsapp Web activity.


As I stated earlier, there are two methods by which you can spy on other people’s WhatsApp.


This trick is simple and also very powerful, it can be perfected and used on an Android smartphone or an iPhone with the help of a special application called “Whatscan“. The app instantly displays a QR code to be scanned in order to enter another person’s Whatsapp, in the fastest way possible.

The Whatscan application is free and easy to use to spy on another person’s WhatsApp messages. It works by allowing you to access Whatsapp Web from a smartphone or tablet, to your account, or to that of others.

  1. Install Whatscan for Android or for iPhone
  2. Launch the app and put them on the screen the QR code which is what it would appear if you opened the Whatsapp Web site from your PC.
  3. Now take the phone of the person you want to spy on and open Whatsapp
  4. Go to the settings, then to WhatsApp Web, and ask to add a connection.
  5. When the camera appears to scan the QR code, you can properly position the code displayed by Whatscan on your phone and then gain access to the other person’s Whatsapp instantly.


The connection of Whatsapp Web in Whatscan works as long as the other person keeps the phone connected to the internet, if he does not notice the intrusion and if he does not use Whatsapp himself from the site.


This one involves using your computer to spy on other person’s WhatsApp via the WhatsApp web official website.

  1. Visit Whatsapp Web
  2. Once opened, a QR code will appear on the screen
  3. Keep the page opened while you open whatsapp from the person’s phone
  4. On the person’s WhatsApp, click on “menu” (the three dots at the top right)
  5. Select “Whatsapp web”
  6. Tap on the “+” symbol that appears at the top right of the WA dialog
  7. The camera will open with the instruction to “scan code“
  8. Now position the phone to scan and capture the QR code in the WhatsApp web on the PC
  9. After a few seconds, the QR code will be recognized and the person’s WhatsApp messages and activities will be displayed on your PC.
  10. From your PC, you can even chat with your friends and read messages.

In case the other person disconnects from the internet, when he reconnects, you can still go back to watching their Whatsapp chats without having to repeat the login procedure.

To find out if they are being spied on, the other person can only check the active connections of Whatsapp Web by opening the chat settings.

The best way to avoid this type of problem, of course, is to always keep the phone away from other people’s hands, lock it with a PIN, your fingerprint or screen lock, and, possibly, also protect Whatsapp by blocking access with a password.
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