Leaked Samsung Tab Pro S To Rival Microsoft Surface Pro?

Leaked Samsung Tab Pro S To Rival Microsoft Surface Pro?

Samsung has successfully cloned Microsoft Surface and the result looks pretty good. Well, if the leak seen today is actually true, we may soon see Samsung’s very own 2-in-1 hybrid tablet in the market anytime soon. Microsoft gets less credit than it deserves and we’ve seen a lot of OEMs following the lead since the first Microsoft tablet was launched in 2012. Even Apple did the same thing with the iPad Pro and it came as no surprise when we saw these leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Tab Pro S.

Samsung Tab Pro S with keyboard detached

Serial leakster, @evleaks, has a good record of leaks and this is why we believe these images are real. These images appeared on Twitter a few hours ago on his Twitter handle and the first thing you notice is that the device looks a lot like the Surface.

Samsung Tab Pro S with the keyboard attached

The new device runs Windows 10 and comes with its own detachable keyboard which lets you convert it from a laptop to a tablet in a matter of seconds. One thing that looks odd is the “Galaxy” missing within the name. Perhaps Samsung is taking a different approach this time but most of their tablets follow the Galaxy naming convention, and it’s absence in the Samsung Tab Pro S can’t be ignored.

Samsung Tab Pro S

There is no word on the specifications right now but rumor has it that Samsung Tab pro S is going to have at least 2GB RAM and a higher spec model might sport a 4GB RAM. It might have a 12-inch screen and the S-Pen currently used with the Note 5 might come with the device to aid writing and drawing.

CES starts tomorrow and we may just have to wait to know if Samsung is going to announce the new product. Till then, we have no choice but to rely on leaks and rumors.
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