What You Should Know About A Phone Processor Before Buying Any.

Phone manufactures are now in mobile specification war, they are producing new devices with high specifications and a bet you, they are just fooling there users because they produce mobile phones with high specification just to lead the market and they dont reveal the technicalities to there users. It might interest you to know that a octa-core processor may not be faster than a quad-core processor.

Like my previous article i wrote about why a 8MP device camera might beet a 16MP camera, many phone users would rather go for a phone with 16MP camera with only f/2.8 aperture instead of a 8MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and OIS. This is because they believe that the 16MP camera would produce better pictures, this numbers dont really matter, click the link above for more details.

Why an Octa-core Processor Might not be Better Than a Quad-core Processor:

Almost all, if not all phone geeks and operators knows the important of a processor but many do not realize that an octa-core processor is not always better than a quad-core processor.

An octa-core processor has 8 cores, with a quad-core processor having just 4 cores. Since more is better, anyone would think a device with 8 cores is the best.

Understanding What a Processor core Means:

The processor is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is were all the operations are been performed, as we all know its the brain of a mobile phone, whether you are surfing the web, opening a file, scrolling through pages, the processes are been carried out in the processor.

Without going into technological details about memory cache, ALUs, instruction pipeline, I/O control hardware and others, it becomes easier to understand why the processor is seen as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), and the CORE's are seen as processing units within the CPU. A processor having 8 cores is like having 8 people in a room working for you.

The 8 cores are employed at once and most applications make use of one or two cores at a time. One might argue that games need all these cores, but this is why a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is there to work with the CPU.

Most of the time, the other cores are just there, doing nothing. A well-coded application should never demand all cores to work. This will result in battery fast drainage and makes the phone heat up.

What You Should Know About A Phone Processor Before Buying Any.

The number of cores of a processor contributes to the overall efficiency of a processor, but it’s not the feature you should look out for.

See what To Consider:

Clock rate: This is the frequency at which the processing units or cores are running. This is normally used to indicate a processor’s speed. A 1.3GHz octa-processor cannot be compared with a 2.0GHz quad-core. The quad-core may beat the octa-core processor in single-core processing multi-core processing.

Still OEMs put 1.2GHz octa-processors on devices and make it sound like a great thing.

Architecture: Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, nVidia and other companies manufacturing chipsets for mobile phones use ARM’s design and circuitry on how a processor should be built. The manufacturers use ARM’s reference design and there are different versions. A newer architecture like ARM Cortex-A73 will surpass an older architecture like ARM Cortex-A5 in performance

There are many other features you should look out for about a processor that this article will not be able to cover. and stop focusing on the number of cores.

The fastest mobile chipset in the world right now has only 4 cores, and that’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Two processors clock rate are 2.4GHz while the other two clock rate are at a lower frequency of 2.0GHz.

I hope this article has shown you what to look out for in a processor before considering to buy a phone it’s not always about the number of cores the processor has, be more concerned about the clock rate and the architecture. Phone Manufacturers (OEMs) will make you believe 8 cores is always better, but your phone is not really going to need them all.

And by the way, the iPhone 6s has just a dual-core processor, and it’s still one of the top 10 fastest mobile devices in the world.

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