Bill Gates Finally Starts Using Android, Says NO to iPhone

Microsoft founder and multi billionaire Bill Gates has publicly embraced Android Operating System (OS) as he has publicly announced that he now uses Android smartphone.

It's clear now that Bill Gates knew Windows smartphone are going into extinction and he has lost the fight to catch up with Android and Apple's iOS so he decides to join the Android forks.

Recently, Bill Gates publicly admitted that he currently uses an Android smartphone and it seems must people are not surprised at least for now. 

Here is the video were Bill Gates said he has started using android smartphone;

In an interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, Gates revealed that he uses Windows-based PCs and has recently switched (presumably from a Windows Phone) to an Android smartphone.

But no, he hasn't entirely become a Google convert because his new phone has "a lot of Microsoft software." that was what he said. Maybe to give some Windows phone fans a little hope.

Meanwhile, he didn't specifically point or mention the particular Android smartphone he is now using but it seems to be any of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as those devices are also sold in Microsoft stores.

When asked whether he will also use an iPhone, Bill Gates simply replied;
So, no iPhone? Wallace asked.
No, no iPhone, Gates insisted. 
To all the Windows phone wannabe and fanboys, sorry. That's life. Nothing is permanent.
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