New MTN Phone Number Prefixes

MTN Nigeria has attached some sets of new numbers to their existing prefixes. The company made the announcement through its Twitter page with the hashtag “#TurnItUp #NewNumbersGeng “.

The new MTN Nigeria numbers will have the following prefixes: “0704” “07025” and “07026”. The number prefixes are now available for you to buy and register at any MTN office close to you.

With these new sets of number prefixes, there'll be more space for new customers on the network. It's also worth knowing that this will make a total of 13 numbers prefix available on MTN.

Meanwhile, these are the list of all the old MTN Nigeria number prefixes:
  1. 0704 (new)
  2. 07025 (new)
  3. 07026 (new)
  4. 0803
  5. 0806
  6. 0703
  7. 0706
  8. 0810
  9. 0813
  10. 0814
  11. 0816
  12. 0903
  13. 0906
What is your own view about these new MTN number prefixes?
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