Microsoft Creates a Mouse Made from 20 Percent Recycled Plastic Waste

Microsoft has launched a new PC mouse made using recycled marine plastic waste, to contribute to the world’s battle against the accumulation of plastic waste.

The mouse is made with 20 percent recycled marine plastic, which is made from plastic waste that is collected and processed into resin pellets. The pellets are then added to other materials to form a strong and durable shell.

Microsoft mouse made from recycled plastic (Photo/Microsoft)

If you’re wondering why it can’t be completely made from recycled plastic, it’s because plastic will degrade due to heat, ultraviolet light, moisture and exposure to salt.

Microsoft mouse made from recycled plastic (Photo/Microsoft)

Citing a Microsoft publication, Friday (10/8/2021), the mouse using 100 percent recyclable plastic would not make the mouse as reliable and as strong as needed, therefore, they created a resin mixture that combines PET and polycarbonate plastic.

The original goal was to use 10 percent of the ocean’s recycled plastic. However, after testing, the mouse’s exterior could easily be manufactured with 20 percent recycled plastic by weight.

Microsoft mouse made from recycled plastic (Photo/Microsoft)

Apart from being eco-friendly, this mouse also gets three customizable buttons and Bluetooth 4.0 support, with a range of up to 33 feet. In addition, the mouse supports Microsoft’s SwiftPair to connect it instantly with your PC.

Patrick Gaule, Senior Color & Material Designer at Microsoft, said in a statement, “This is not everything, the end of everything. This is the beginning of a journey.”
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