Latest 100+ FireDL Codes for Firestick in 2022

If you use any streaming device with your Television, you might know how difficult it is to load third-party apps. You can only download a few apps even if your TV has access to the Google Play Store.

Plenty of movie apps that provide free movies & TV shows are banned on the Google Play Store. This is because third-party movie apps provide copyrighted content. One of the most popular streaming devices is Amazon FireTV Stick.

Amazon FireTV Stick has an Amazon Appstore with hundreds of Movie & TV Show apps, but you won’t find the free one there. To use free movie apps for FireTV Stick, you either need to sideload the apk files or use FireDL.

What is FireDL?

FireDL is an app designed to sideload apps to your FireTV Stick. It eliminates the hassle of manually sideloading the Apk files on your Amazon FireStick.

With FireDL installed, you need to launch the application and use the FireDL codes for apps to get the apps. So, when you enter the FireTV Apk codes on the apps, the client will search for the corresponding apps and install them automatically.

It’s easy to download apps on FireTV Stick with FireDL, but installing FireDL could be a complicated task. So, before getting the FireDL app codes, let’s check out how to install FireDL on Firestick

How to Install FireDL on FireStick

As mentioned above, installing FireDL on FireStick could be a complicated task, but it’s achievable. Here’s how you can install FireDL on Firestick.

1. On your TV with firestick connected, move to Settings > My Fire TV.

2. On the My Fire TV, select the drop-down menu and select ‘Developer Options’. On the Developer options, turn on the ‘Apps from unknown sources’ option.

3. Now move back to the main screen and click on the Search icon. On the Search, search for ‘Downloader‘

4. Now download the ‘Downloader‘ and enter the URL on it and click the Go button.

5. This will fetch FireDL and will install it on your Firestick. Once fetched, click on the Install button and finally click on the ‘Done‘.

6. Now move back to FireStick’s Apps & Channels section and find the FireDL app installed.

That’s it! This is how you can download & install FireDL on your Firestick.

Latest FireDL Codes List in 2022

Now that you know what FireDL exactly is and how to install it, you should get the latest FireDL code list. Currently, many FireDL Codes are available, like BeeTV FireDL code, ChinemaHD FireDL code, etc. Below, we have shared the app code lists for FireDL. Let’s check out.
  1. Nitro TV Pro - 414411 
  2. VideoDevi - 100000 
  3. Cinema HD Apk 2.0.5 - 655995 
  4. Kodi 18 Leia Kodi - 1832 
  5. Cyberflix TV - 617329 
  6. Kodi 17.6 Krypton - 296283 
  7. TeaTV Official - 808853 
  8. HBO Movies - 680010 
  9. MOBDRO - 565837 
  10. MX Player - 518809 
  11. IPTV Smarters Pro - 124349 
  12. Freeflix HQ - 452090 
  13. YESPLAYER - 022997 
  14. DIGIBIT VPN - 828111 
  15. Kodi 17.6 64 
  16. BIT Apk Android - 296281 
  17. CINEMAX - 680032 
  18. Movie HD 4.5.5 - 440289 
  19. Terrarium TV Apk - 666244 
  20. Fildo - 300006 
  21. Aptoide - 300012 
  22. Aptoide TV - 300016 
  23. I4Sports - 680021 
  24. VLC 2.0.6 ARMV7 - 300014 
  25. Mouse Toogle 1.09 - 300008 
  26. Newest Movies V 1.4 - 539401 
  27. GEO Streamz - 680025 
  28. Stream! - 600000 
  29. Amaze File Manager - 300013 
  30. Mobile TV - 680028 
  31. Redbox TV - 693082 
  32. TV TAP 2.1 Firestick - 170607 
  33. USTV 4K - 050504 
  34. Super Atom - 083026 
  35. Tulatino TV 2020 - 459124 
  36. Tulatino TV - 462117 
  37. He - 510396 TVLife - 248845 
  38. ONPLAY - 365913 
  39. Rine - 896717 File - 457821 
  40. SuperTVI - 762586 
  41. Smartit - 001461 
  42. APTOIDE - 280847 
  43. Movie HD - 300010 
  44. MORPH TV - 440289 
  45. MX Player - 518809 
  46. Kodi - 296281 
  47. BeeTV - 455775 
  48. ES Explorer - 355326
All of the FireDL App codes were tried and tested. So, these are the latest FireDL codes for Firestick. Also, bookmark this webpage, as we will update more FireDL Codes regularly.

How to Use FireDL Codes?

Now that you have the FireDL free codes, you can install apps on your Firestick. It’s easy to use FireDL codes on FireTV Stick; follow some simple steps below.
  1. First, open FireDL on your Firestick and click on the Search box.
  2. Now you need to enter the app code in the Search box.
  3. The code will immediately change into a URL as you enter the code. Click on the Next button.
  4. Now you need to wait until FireDL downloads the code on your firestick.
  5. Once downloaded, you will see the App installation screen. Here, click on the Install button.
That’s it! This will install your selected app on your Amazon Firestick. This is how easy it is to use FireDL codes. By following the same steps, you can run third-party apps on your FireStick.

FireDL Codes URL Error

Well, most of the FireDL codes shared on the list will work. However, if FireDL Codes show a URL error, the owner might have deleted the file associated with the code.

It’s also possible that the developers of FireDL might have banned the code. Nothing is permanent in this world, and so does the FireDL app codes.

So, this guide is all about FireDL Codes and how to use it. If you need more help with Firedl codes for Firestick, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.
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